Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Royal Jelly As Cure for Fertility

Royal jelly is rich with minerals like iron and calcium. It has all the amino acids that are building blocks of proteins. It also possesses vitamins and enzymes. With all these ingredients, royal jelly could support fertility.

Research showed that royal jelly could eradicate menstrual problems. It boosts libido. It also assists in men's reproductive system.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Anti-Cancer Effect of Royal Jelly

Royal jelly in its fresh or lyphilized form is a health supplement. One of the important benefits of royal jelly is that it is anti-cancer.

Royal jelly has an unique ingredient which cannot be made artificially. It is 10-Hydroxy-2-Decenoic Acid (10-HDA). 10-HDA has prominent effect on anti-cancer properties of royal jelly. It gives rise to inhibiting effect, preventing both cell proliferation and migration.

Royal jelly prevents women from suffering breast cancer.

For children contracting leukemia, royal jelly is effective in imporving their general condition by increasing their appetite and weight.

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Benefits of Royal Jelly

Royal jelly being an honey bee secretion, has many benefits to human being.

It has strong anti-cancer effects. By taking royal jelly, one can prevent cancer or prolong the proliferation of cancer cell.

The consumption of royal jelly can maintain the brain health.

It has nutrients that support skin renewal.

It can lower the total serum cholesterol level and thus reducing the risk of facing stroke.

It is anti-inflammatory. It can cure wounds in a short period of time.

It can strengthen and boost the immune system of human being.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to purchase royal jelly?ローヤル ゼリーを購入する方法?

Royal jelly is perishable especially its rare ingredients like 10-HDA, proteins, enzymes etc. It cannot be heated or exposed to light. It must be kept below freezing point namely be refrigerated.

Royal jelly sold in the market grossly in two different forms i.e. fresh or freeze -dried.

Fresh royal jelly purchased should be stored either in a refrigerator at -4 degree Celcius which can make it last for 6 months or in a freezer at -18 degree Celcius which can make it last for 2 years.

Do not purchase royal jelly that has been stored at room temperature for long time.

Study found that royal jelly in natural form from the farm contained higher level of enzymes than that processed for commercial package.

Some royal jelly from certain countries when tested have no enzyme at all.

A professional seller of royal jelly will sell it in a freezer. He will make sure the royal jelly is insulated, for instance in a Styrofoam box, for you to bring home. Once you reach home, you must immediately store it in a refrigerator. By doing so, you can ensure royal jelly ingredients especially 10-HDA does not deteriorate.

Royal jelly can be freeze-dried (also called “lyophilized”). No natural ingredient is lost, only the moisture content removed. With lyophilization, royal jelly can be kept at room temperature. Unlike fresh royal jelly, you usually can only take it at home , freeze-dried royal jelly is portable and you can take it anywhere you like.

Royal jelly sometimes is sold mixed with honey. Honey is a natural preservative of royal jelly. You must store royal jelly mixed with honey below freezing point and keep it away from light.

ロイヤル ゼリーは、生鮮食品 10 HDA、蛋白質、酵素等のような特にその珍しい食材。加熱や光にさらされることはできません。
ローヤル ゼリーすなわち新鮮な 2 つの異なる形で肉眼的市場での販売または凍結 - 乾燥します。
新鮮なローヤル ゼリーを購入する必要があります格納する-4 度で冷蔵庫でそれができる摂氏最後の 6 ヶ月間または 2 年の最後の冷凍庫-18 度摂氏ことになります。
長い間、室温で保存されているロイヤル ゼリーを購入しないでください。
商用版パッケージの処理より高いレベルの酵素のファームからの自然な形でローヤル ゼリーに含まれていることが分かった。
テストしたときに特定の国からのいくつかのローヤル ゼリーである酵素なし。ローヤル ゼリーの専門の販売は、冷凍庫にそれを販売します。
彼は、ローヤル ゼリーを持ち帰るためにあなたのための発泡スチロールの箱で例えば絶縁されてを確認します。あなたに達する.
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sub-Standard Bird Nest

Due to its scarcity and high demand, some businessmen find ways to make great fortune by making sub-standard bird nest.

Among the methods are transformation from pig skin, cooked bird nest from seaweeds, patching the bird nest strains with egg albumen, spraying salt water and alternatively sugared water on the bird nest to gain weight.

The purchaser pays a premium for a sub-standard bird nest.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Does Sulu Sultan own the Gomantong Caves?

Gomantong Caves are famous for its bird nest harvest. It is situated near Sandakan, Sabah.

Gomantong Caves consist of 3 caves namely Simud Hitam, Simud Putih and Bobong Bulud which are interconnnected.

The three caves are huge and occupied by two natural inhabitants. There are swiflets and bats. One can see the spectacular view in the evening when the bats move out from the caves in millions in the form of "smoke" seen from far. Slightly later the swiflets return from their day time foraging to the caves in almost the same strength.

The natives used to harvest the bird nests for sales to traders.

In 1881, the British North Borneo Chartered Company acquired Sabah and expelled the Sultan of Sulu. It claimed ownership of the Gomantong Caves. It introduced a tender system for the bird nest harvest. The harvestors had to declare its bird nests to administrators before sales to traders.

In 2000, the decendants of the heir of Gomantong Caves formed an action committee to claim its right of ownership from the Sabah government.

With the recent Sultan of Sulu claimed the ownership of Sabah, which creates tension in that region, may be the bird nest harvest will be delayed for a while.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

When can Malaysia export bird nest to China?

It has been two year plus since the China government banned the import of bird nest from Malaysia to its country.

Two years have seen continous effort from the Malaysian bird nest industrialists, at the early stage sporadic, turning to concerted effort involving government departments to deal with its counterparts in China.

As the government agencies are beaurocratic, to date the export issue has not been resolved.

Two weeks ago, some bird nest industrialists went for peaceful demonstration on their plight. As a result, two days ago Malaysia government special agent, Dato' Ong Ka Ting has met with some bird nest organizations and promised that he would co-ordinate with China counterparts to arrange for inspection of some bird nest cleaning factories in Malaysia. Hopefully, this can be arranged in the shortest time possible.

The Malaysian government is concerned with the processed bird nests. How about the unprocessed or raw one? The raw bird nest occupies about 90% of the bird nest export to China before the outburst of the blood bird nest incident in China.

It seems that the bird nest industrialists wish to resolved the cleaned bird nest first before touching on the unprocessed one.

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