Monday, November 10, 2008

Desaru Impian

Recently I went to Desaru, a place I did not visit for years after I left a company who developed a prestigious project-Desaru Impian.

The developer was wound-up after it failed to pay its owners and contractor during the 1997 crisis.

Desaru Impian is located next to the entrance portal of Desaru resorts area. It is the first resort in the array of resorts along the coastal line.

The resort was constructed between 1995 and 1997. It received overwhelming response from investors in Malaysia and Singapore then. It offered 10% guaranteed return for lease back to the Developer which managed it under a time sharing scheme.

The resort consisted of 2 U-shaped blocks with 793 units of guestrooms. There was a clubhouse complete with swimming pool and pool bar, a cache for children, souvenir shops and mini zoo by the seaside. A theme park was created in between the U-shape of Block A with lazy river, carousel, train ride and nice landscaping.

This resort has nostalgic value to me because I was the person in charge of its construction. I stopped by the new entrance to have a chat with the security guard. I was told that a developer from Kuala Lumpur has bought it. It intends to reopen the resort by end of this year.

I shall see whether the reopening can be materialized.

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