Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Benefits of Tongkat Ali

Benefits of Tongkat Ali include:-

1. Restoring energy and vitality
2. Enhancing blood flow
3. functioning as a herbal ingredients for women after child birth
4. Its leaves can cure malaria, ulcer, syphilis and gonorrhea and prevent gum disease
5. Relieving insect bites.

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Malaysian Government Biodiesel Program

Malaysian government is implementing its biodiesel program.

The first one is B5 biodiesel. B5 means 5% palm methyl ester blend. It is targeted to fully implement it in West Malaysia by July this year. Thereafter, it will extend it to East Malaysia.

B5 will be followed by B7 and B10 biodiesel.

The main purpose of biodiesel program is to lower palm oil stock and eventually palm oil price.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali has a very interesting aspect. It can be used as an asphrodisiac herb. It is a natural Viagra and better than Viagra.

Compared with Viagra, its effect is mild. It works to stimulate the body to generate more Testosterone which is important for raising libido. Viagra just stresses on function without increasing man's sex drive.

Besides, Tongkat Ali is anti-malaria, anti-cancer. It contains substances that can reduce physical ailment. The doctor claim that it can be used to treat diabetes and breast cancer of women.

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Palm Oil as Raw Material for Biodiesel

Malaysia has 4917 million hectares of oil palm plantation with an average of 1,765,000 tons of palm oil production per month.

To stabilize the crude palm oil price and its stock, Malaysia was forced to delve into biodiesel production using palm oil. Biodiesel production is an emerging industry in Malaysia.

Use of palm oil as biodiesel or biofuel has advantages. It reduce the dependency on fossil fuel on earth and give rise to greener environment.

However, biodiesel production using palm oil has its constraints too. Crude palm oil is exported to overseas especially to European Union as substitute of rapeseed for biofuel production. Its price is therefore subject to fluctuation. When the price is high, it is not expedient to use palm oil for biodiesel production locally. The Malaysian government has to subsidize the biodiesel production. Palm oil as cooking oil also poses competition to its use as biofuel raw material.

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