Thursday, April 23, 2009

Endau Rompin National Park

I went to the Endau Rompin National Park recently.

As it is only accessible by using four wheel drive, one must own one, borrow from a friend or hire from the National Park office at Kahang, about 20 km from Kluang town.

Among the attractions which intrigue me are the giant bird, hornbill, pitcher plant and waterfalls.

There are some 253 types of birds recorded and 179 species of butterflies which can be found here.

I opted to stay in a chalet next to the Visitor Centre. The compound is surrounded by ancient tropical rainforest where sound of cicada could be heard the whole day. The only drawback here is that there are mosquitoes. Much to my great shock was that there are banners warning the people especially the aborigines on the danger of malaria.

The aborigines are staying in a village called Kampung Peta. The visitors may try the blowpipe and buy handicraft including the famous "asli puzzle". There is one sundry shop in the village.

There is a jetty in the Kampung Peta where one may travel by boat to Kuala Jasin. This is the reference point to many intresting places like Janing Barat and waterfalls. Visitor may camp at Kuala Jasin.

Wild elephant could be spotted near the Visitor Complex. A photo outside the Visitor Complex office showed a tiger straying at the other side of the river. Hence it is advisible to hire a guide to bring you around as he knows the way to avoid these animals.

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