Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finger Cot

I come across the finger cot when a friend brought a sample and showed to me. He explained to me that in manufacturing industry where sensitive item like CD,DVD, LCD need to be handled with care and free of skin salt, finger cots are essential items.

The finger cot has to be thrown away once taken off your finger; you have to wear new finger cots.

There are many types of finger cots in the market. There are cotton finger cot, nitrile finger cot, nylon finger cot and latex finger cot.

Latex finger cot are comfortable, flexible and long lasting.

Since latex has to be tapped from rubber tree, the source of latex is limited to tropical countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Malaysia nowadays is the importer of latex as opposed to latex exporter previously.
Some may feel sad learning about this fact. However, economically Malaysia still gains because of natural rubber dipped products and rubber wood furnitures.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Johor Old Temple

The last 14 of February 2009 was a Valentine's Day. It also coincided with an auspicios day of the Johor Old Temple whereby the images of the deities were transferred out of the temple and put to chingay procession.

I happened to be on the spot just in front of the Johor Old Temple. There were many worshippers carrying joysticks waiting for the images of the 5 deities being transferred out of the temple.

After hearing the sound of whistle and shout inside the temple, the first image of deity was transferred out. The worshippers and audience clapped their hands and shouted in exitement. It followed by the images of the other 4 deities.

One specific act performed by the carriers of the images of deities was that the images of deities riding on the sedan chairs were swung left and right many times along the procession to the Resting Temple about 3 km away.

This tradition has been conducted since 100 years ago.

As the Johor Old Temple witnesses the growth of Johor Bahru, the celebration is very meaningful to Johor Bahru Chinese until they claim that the Chinese New Year is not over until the Chingay Procession.

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