Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bird Nest on the Shelves Before Chinese New Year

The Health Minister of Malaysia has met with his counterpart in China to discuss the teething issue of nitrite in bird nest. Both sides agreed that there is nitrite content in the natural bird nest cup. A specialist team will be established to look into this matter and set up standards.

The Health Minister hoped that the specialist team can complete its standardization and certification in December this year. Malaysia side has appointed the Director General of Food Safety and Quality Department to stay back to resolve this issue.

The China Health Minister believed that Malaysia businessmen are honest and did not add in nitrite in the bird nest supplie by them.

It seems that finally we should be able to see the light in the tunnel after a few months of standstill in the sales of bird nest.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Registration of Bird Nest Farmers

Recently, the Veterinary Department of Johor, Malaysia stated that all the bird nest farmers must register with its Department.

To date, the bird nest farmers are reluctant to register, worrying that by doing so will create more problem for them.

According to the Veterinary Department of Johor, this step is for its department to control the quality of bird nest. For instance, if the swiftlets at certain area contract certain disease, it can effectively control the situation. This will assist the industry as a whole.

Bird nest farming being the flagship agricultural industry in the Tenth Malaysian Plan, is a very profitable industry. Indonesia has started this industry 30 years ago and dominates the world market with a market share of 80%. Malaysia wishes to occupy 30% in the future. To safeguard the industry, the registration with the Veterinary Department is necessary.

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