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做血燕的燕子一定是洞燕.它有两个可能: (一)燕子吃了红海藻,因此吐出淡红色的血燕. (二)燕窝接触洞壁,里面的铁质渗入燕窝造成金黄色的血燕.


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Is there any blood bird nest?

The Chinese believes that blood bird nest or red bird nest is the best among the bird nests. One can imagine its value by knowing the fact that bird nest is one of the most expensive natural animal products. It can cost a minimum Ringgit Malaysia (RM13-00)per gram for white bird nest.

Is there any blood bird nest? Yes, there is but it is very rare. Blood bird nest is made by the same swiftlets as the white edible bird nest namely Aerodramus Faciphagus. These swiflets must be cave swiftlets.

There are grossly two possibilities i.e. (i) the swiftlet feeds on red algae and the bird nest produced is greyish pink and (ii) the bird nest is in contact with the wall of the cliff or overhangs where the ferous materials seep into the bird nest and make it golden red in color.

The saying that the swiftlet mixes its blood with saliva while making blood bird nest is simply a fallacy. It is impossible as the blood when cooled is black in color and not red.

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