Monday, July 7, 2014

Malaysian Fuel Subsidy

The Malaysian Government has to ensure there is no leakage in the distribution as it seeks to reduce its subsidy bill.

Recently, seven (7) companies have put in bids to assist the Government to achieve the goal.

The fuel subsidy must be controlled and be given to Malaysians only.

There are many ways to achieve the goals. Examples are :-

a. using MyKad to pay petrol at selected petrol kiosk. Amount will be deducted from the bank account end of the month.

b. using Smartcard to pay.

The subsidy has another objective namely to "tier" the subsidy according to either engine capacity or income.

The result of the bid would be made known to the public around September this year.

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Malaysian Government Call to Invest in Palm Oil Downstream Industries

Malaysian palm oil industry has been dependent on upstream industry for many years. Upstream industry relies heavily on export of crude palm oil (CPO) which is subject to price fluctuation globally.

There is almost no value-added element in the upstream industry.

Some of the downstream palm oil industries are bio-lubricants, bio fuels, agro-chemicals. These downstream industries are capital intensive because they require new technologies.

To alleviate the burden on the downstream industries, Malaysian Government has disbursed capital expenditure incentive grant since 2011 to companies that are interested to embark further on palm oil downstream ventures.

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