Thursday, August 21, 2014

What can engine oil additive do?

The engine oil is also known as motor oil.
What are the functions of engine oil?

Engine oil serves basically two functions. Firstly, it lubricates the moving part of the engine be it in vehicles, ships, compressor etc. It minimizes the friction so that the engine can achieve higher efficiency.
Secondly, engine oil protects metallic surfaces from the process of corrosion.

How does engine oil additive function?
Engine oil additive is a viscosity index improver. Viscosity of engine oil varies according to the temperature.  The extent viscosity varies according to the temperature is viscosity index. Engine oil additive makes the viscosity index small enough throughout the range of temperature from the lowest in the winter morning up to 200 degree Fahrenheit, the temperature of the engine.

Engine oil additive serves as rust inhibitor. Zinc is added in the engine oil additive to protect engine surfaces.
Engine oil additive also works as detergent which helps to clean up sludge on the engine built up over time.

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Difference between diesel engine and petrol engine

The main difference between a diesel engine and a petrol engine is that diesel engine uses heat of compression to ignite and burn fuel whereas petrol engine uses spark plug to ignite an air-fuel mixture.

Due to its size, normally diesel engine are used for truck and ship.

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