Friday, October 8, 2010

Placenta in Cosmetic

Nowadays, it is commonplace to use placenta in cosmetic.

Placenta is the inside layer of the womb which helps the foetus to get food. It is an excellent ingredient for cosmetic.

Placenta helps to stimulate cell growth and renewal. Subsequently, it slows down human aging process.

In the past, extracts from sheep, pig, cow are used in placenta cosmetic. Researches show that the use of human and pig placenta extracts are more compatible when use for skin care products.

Although extract from animals like pig are biologically similar to human skin, issues have been raised as to the use of these sources in cosmetics, especially in Muslim consumers.

There is another issue namely animal placenta may carry contagious diseases like bird flu, mad cow disease etc. This is the key factor customer shun away from using cosmetics with animal placenta.

The use of plant placenta has been proven to be as effective as animal placenta.However, the use of sheep placenta, known as ovine placenta is accepted in Muslim community.

Living Proof Halal Cosmetic uses phyto placenta (plant placenta) formula which is also halal for the Muslim Consumers.

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