Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finger Cot Protection

Banyan Latex Finger Cots are made of pure natural rubber latex. They are made super thin, about 2 - 4 mil, for excellent sensitivity.

Banyan Latex Finger Cots are rolled. Some are lightly powdered while others are powder free.

The main function of the finger cot is protection. They are used for blisters, abrasion and cuts. It could be used for lightly bandaged fingers for protection from moisture and dirt for short period of time as air circulation is reduced with the finger cots on.

Finger cots can be used to protect fingers from contamination and infection.

A piece of warning to potential users of latex finger cots: as latex finger cots contain natural rubber, it may cause allergy reactions to users.

Posted by Chai Yong of http://www.the-finger-cot.com