Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Current Bird Nest Market in China

A few days ago, I made a trip to Hangzhou and Shanghai. Before the trip, I thought the weather would turn cold after the mid-autumn festival. To my surprise, it was not true. The temperature was about 25 to 30 degree Celsius. The relative humidity was high. It was like the weather in Malaysia. I felt quite comfortable over that few days.

I was told that the bird nest market suffered an avalanche in sales after the broadcasting of blood bird nest by CCTV and the related news by most media. The public was so shocked at the way of the manufacture of blood bird nest that they do not wish to buy the bird nest any more. The sales dropped by at least 70%. Most of the shops cleared the bird nest from the shelves. Some with stock dropped the bird nest selling prices in order to clear the stock.

This is proven when I strolled down the Hefang Street and visited the Wushan Bird and Flower City. Most of the shops denied that they sold bird nests. Most of the bird nest marketers expected the sales would only recover after one year from now.

This is really a winter for the bird nest market, which came earlier than the natural winter and may last longer.

The genuine bird nest industrialists were victimized by the recent happenings.

Hopefully, the officers from both the Malaysian and China Government would meet to come to a compromise on the standard content of nitrate as soon as possible. Only when this happens, the public confidence would resume.

Posted by Chai Yong of http://www.banyan-bird-nest.com