Monday, December 21, 2009

Nitrile Finger Cots

In general, finger cots are made of latex. However, latex finger cots may not be suitable for every user because of a syndrome called latex allergy.

Latex allergy is an allergic reaction to latex protein in the natural latex. One may get latex allergy when his skin, mucous membrane like eye, mouth, vagina or rectum come in contact with latex protein.

Beside its advantage over latex finger cots on the latex allergy, nitrile finger cots have the following benefits:-

i. They have permanent ESD properties. They do not use antistatic surface coating materials.

ii. They are sulphur free and thus may not cause damage to metals like gold, silver and copper.

iii. They conform to the contour of the finger and exert less pressure on the finger as compared with latex finger cots.

iv. They achieve cleanroom cleanliness without using chlorine or surface antistatic materials.

Nitrile finger cots are ideal for pharmaceuticals and electronic manufacturing.

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