Tuesday, June 17, 2008


After visiting Xu Beihong's art display at the Singapore Art Museum, on my way back to the Queen Street bus station, I passed by the Rochor Centre. I heard loud music from nearby area.

Out of curiosity I went to the place where the music came from. I saw a stage with wording "Dumpling Festival" on the wall. There were about 6 beautiful and sexy dancers performing on the stage. A big crowd of audience, mostly men flocking near the stage to watch.

The dancers wore dancing costume with half of their breast exposed. Their skirts are see throughs. After a while, one of the dancers went down the stage and invited a man in his forties to come on stage to dance together with the rest. Another dancer invited a small girl. Both the man and the small girl were quite sporting, trying to learn the steps from the dancers. It was a light moment for the audience as the man and the small girl made mistake in their steps.

The organiser seemed to have discarded the old thinking of inviting traditional dancers, most probably to perform Chinese traditional dance to match the Dumpling Festival which is a Chinese Festival commemorating a Chinese Poet.

Whether the dance I watched was appropriate is a question for Singaporeans to answer.

The authority approved it. This showed that Singapore is quite open in this aspect as compared to Malaysia whereby this type of show can never be staged in the public.

This post is written by Chai Yong from http://www.temasekmap.com which is about an ebook "Travel Guide of Singapore Batam Bintan and Johor".