Monday, August 20, 2012

A Scandal?

The recent news on the bird’s nest export  agreement between China and Indonesia reveals that there are big differences between the agreement between Malaysia and China and that between Indonesia and china.

Let’s review some details of the agreement between Indonesia and China.

Pursuant to the agreement, the bird’s nest must be selected, cleaned and heated at a temperature more than 70 degree Celcius for 3.5 second. It must be packed and labeled showing the product name, weight,  farmer’s details, production registration number, production date, storage instruction, veterinary department registration number etc.

The qualified bird’s nest exporter must submit export application to the Agriculture and Forestry Product Export director. He must attach his trading licence for the purpose.

There is no mention on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) which currently becomes a big issue in Malaysia. Surprisingly, there is no requirement on the minimum nitrite content which is imposed on Malaysian bird’s nest.

The types of bird’s nest products that can be exported to China from Indonesia include cleaned and uncleaned bird’s nest. In Malaysia only cleaned bird’s nest is allowed.

Malaysia and Indonesia are two ASEAN countries. Why there are two different kind of treatment in the bird’s nest export agreement?

The bird’s nest association now starts to suspect that the Agriculture Department officer and the RFID provider willfully imposed the requirement in the midst of chaos in respect of blood bird’s nest and finally ban from China.

The bird’s nest association vowed to find out more evidence before taking further action.

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