Monday, June 9, 2008

Singapore Art Museum-Xu Beihong in Nanyang

There is a report in Chinese Asia Weekly (Yazhou Zhoukan) on the Chinese great artist Xu Beihong and the exhibition of his works at the Singapore Art Museum from 5 April '08 till 13 July '08.

Xu was good at drawing horses and he was famous for his works in this area. To my surprise, he also had other works like portraits (like Mahatma Ghandi and poet Tagore), Chinese paintings, oil paintings and water color paintings.

I thought I should not missed this opportunity to see by my naked eye his works at the Singapore Art Museum. I went on 1 June which was a Sunday.

The Singapore Art Museum is located at Bras Basah Road. One can walk from City Hall MRT, Dhoby Ghaut MRT or Bugis MRT. I walked all the way from the Queen Street bus station along of course Queen Street. It is located at the Junction between Queen Street and Bras Basah Road.

After paying the admission fee of S$8-00, I was allowed to enter the display hall. Xu's works are exhibited at ground floor, first floor and second floor. I estimated there were about one hundred pieces of Xu's works on display. No photo taking was allowed inside the display hall.

The Singapore Art Museum being quite resourceful, managed to borrow some artworks from personal collection and Beihong Museum in China.

The display showcased Xu's artworks created in late 1930s and early 1940s during his visit to Nanyang (Southeast Asia) and India.

Being an art lover, it was great experience to see the original artworks in short distance. Xu's touch and treatment of all the painting were perfect. His talent is unquestioanble.

I think what makes Xu famous, besides his talent is because of his connection with some celebrities and local communities in Nanyang. He painted the portraits of some of the celebrities or their mothers or relatives. They bought his artworks and kept them.

All Xu's masterpieces now have great value. One of his artwork "Put down your cane" fetched more million dollars.

I left the exhibition after spending one hour inside the Singapore Art Museum.

This post is written by Chai Yong from which is about an ebook entitled "Travel Guide of Singapore Batam Bintan Johor".