Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hair Loss

Hair loss could be quite annoying for most people especially in the middle age.

Normally, people spend a sum of money to cure hair loss.

Do you ever think of any cheaper way to solve your problem.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Citronellol and citronellal are found in lemongrass. These two essential oil ingredients can be used as insect repellent.

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Benefits of Curry Leaf

Curry leaf has plenty of benefits. Among others, curry leaf can be used in dishes as seasoning. It is anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, anti-pathogen. I can cure hair problem.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Essential Oil in Curry Leaf

Research has found that curry leaf essential oil contains alpha-pinene and beta-myrcene which are ingredients for insect repellent.

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Boiling water is not enough

We use to boil the water before consumption.

Boiling water may introduce toxics into the water.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

How to get maximum benefits from you HEPA air purifier

To get the maximum benefits from your HEPA air purifier, you must do the following:-

a. make an effort to block out moisture, mold and pollen particles from outside;
b. use tile flooring instead of carpet.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

INCEPTON Water Purifier

Do you suffer very acidic stomach?

Alkaline water may be good for you.

Coway has a water purifier called INCEPTION which produces alkaline water.

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