Monday, July 7, 2014

Malaysian Fuel Subsidy

The Malaysian Government has to ensure there is no leakage in the distribution as it seeks to reduce its subsidy bill.

Recently, seven (7) companies have put in bids to assist the Government to achieve the goal.

The fuel subsidy must be controlled and be given to Malaysians only.

There are many ways to achieve the goals. Examples are :-

a. using MyKad to pay petrol at selected petrol kiosk. Amount will be deducted from the bank account end of the month.

b. using Smartcard to pay.

The subsidy has another objective namely to "tier" the subsidy according to either engine capacity or income.

The result of the bid would be made known to the public around September this year.

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Malaysian Government Call to Invest in Palm Oil Downstream Industries

Malaysian palm oil industry has been dependent on upstream industry for many years. Upstream industry relies heavily on export of crude palm oil (CPO) which is subject to price fluctuation globally.

There is almost no value-added element in the upstream industry.

Some of the downstream palm oil industries are bio-lubricants, bio fuels, agro-chemicals. These downstream industries are capital intensive because they require new technologies.

To alleviate the burden on the downstream industries, Malaysian Government has disbursed capital expenditure incentive grant since 2011 to companies that are interested to embark further on palm oil downstream ventures.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Top 10 Biofuel Crops

The following plants rank the top 10 biofuel crops:-

1. Corn
2. Rapeseed
3. Sugarcane
4. Palm oil
5. Jatropha
6. Soybean
7. Cottonseed
8. Sunflowers
9. Wheat

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Malaysian Biodiesel Orders

In Peninsular Malaysia, the government subsidized sector like the retail stations, fleet cards, skid tanks and fisheries may take up 250,000 tonnes annually whereas the non-subsidized sector about 100,000 tonnes annually.

With Sabah and Sarawak join in this July for the B5 Biodiesel program, additional 70,000 being taken up by the subsidized sector and additional 80,000 tonnes by the non-subsidized sector.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Malaysian B7, B10 & B20 Biodiesels

The Malaysian Government is considering the introduction of higher biodiesel blends beside B5 biodiesel. In the near future, B7 biodiesel plan will be translated into actions.

The action plans for B7 and B10 would include experts’ consultation, revision of Malaysian Standards, engine warranty issue and full implementation.

For B10, Malaysian Standards will have to be revised. The aspects include diesel fuel blending up to 10% of palm methyl ester. This is in line with Euro 2M specifications. Malaysian Palm Oil Board will need to carry out a consumer study, material compatibility test, quality test of B10 and testing of engine components.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Malaysia's B5 Biodiesel Program

Malaysia's B5 Biodiesel Program will be fully implemented nationwide this July.

B5 Biodiesel is a blend of 5% palm oil or palm methyl ester and diesel.

B5 Biodiesel program was implemented in phases. It started at the Central Malaysia i.e. Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur and Melaka between June and November 2011, followed by Southern  region i.e. Johor in July last year. Next was Northern region namely Perak, Perlis, Kedah and Penang. in October last year. Eastern region comprising Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang its implementation was in January this year. In the coming July, it will be implemented in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan.

The main purposes of B5 Biodiesel Program are firstly to effectively reduce domestic palm oil stack to below one million tonnes and secondly to provide a floor price to support CPO prices at RM2000 per tonne.

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Friday, April 11, 2014


本草求真记载: 燕窝,入肺生气,入肾滋水,入胃补中,俾其补不致燥,润不致滞,而为药中至平至美之味者也. “本草纲目记载 燕窝是大养肺阴,化痰止嗽,补而能清,为调理虚劳之圣药”.

1.      燕窝补肺养阴,止肺虚性咳嗽,减少肺气病变.包括肺阴虚之哮喘,气促,久咳,痰中带血, 咳血,咯血,支气管炎,出汗,低潮热.

2.      燕窝补虚养胃,止胃寒性,呕吐,胃阴虚引起之反胃,干呕,肠鸣声.

3.      凡病后虚弱, 痨伤, 中气亏损各症, 配合燕窝作食, 能滋阴调中.

4.       燕窝止汗, 气虚,脾虚之多汗,小便频繁,夜尿.

5.       燕窝养阴润燥, 使人皮肤旷光滑,有弹性和光泽,从而减少皱纹

6.      燕窝含有多种氨基酸,婴幼儿和儿童长吃能长智慧, 增加思维, 抗敏感,补其先后天之不足.

7.       孕妇在怀孕期间,产前产后食用燕窝, 有安胎补胎之效

8.      燕窝是天然増津液的食贫,对食道癌,喉癌, 胃癌, 肝癌, 直肠癌等有抑止和抗衡 作用

9.      燕窝改善电疗化疗的后遗症

10.  燕窝味干性平,阴润,保健食疗之效
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