Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Is chlorination beneficial to water that we drink?

Adding chlorine into water to disinfect bacteria is common practice in the water treatment plant in the world.

Do you know that chlorine in water even in small quantity has plenty side effects to our health. This is because chemical compounds namely Trihalomethanes (THMs) are formed. One of them is chloroform.

Boiling water could not get rid of chlorine.

It is advisable to install a good water filter before the point of use at your house and office. A good water filter or water purifier could remove chlorine, minerals, bacteria and viruses.

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pure water is no good for health?

Pure water is water that contains no minerals, suspended solids, bacteria and viruses.

As pure water has no minerals, some says that it is not good for health.

For your information, water is not the main source of minerals for humsn body. Actually the main source of minerals for human body is the food you take every day. Compared with foods like milk, soybean, seaweed etc, water has negligible minerals content.

Furthermore, human body cannot absorb inorganic minerals. Only the plants can absorb inorganic minerals and convert them to organic minerals. Thus, you will get the minerals by eating fruits or vegetables.

Therefore, pure water is not a good water for health because it has no minerals is a fallacy.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Why you need a water filter?

Our tap water is produced by water treatment plants. It is delivered via water pipes from the water treatment plant to our houses and offices. Along the way, some casualties might happen. For instance, pipe leakage, pipe repair, corrosion of the pipe if it is a metal pipe etc. They may pollute the water again. When the water reaches our houses and offices, it may be contaminated with earth and sand, suspended solids, heavy metal, bacteria and viruses.

To clean the tap water, we need to have it treated one more time.

The recommended method is to use a water filter or water purifier. You may get one in the market.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Reverse Osmosis Water And Mineral Water

There are grossly two types of drinking water in the market namely reverse osmosis water and mineral water.

Reverse osmosis water remove basically all impurities, suspended solids, minerals etc from the tap water. It is a pure water.

In contrast, mineral water normally is produced from the underground water which is testified to be rich in minerals.

Which one is good for health?

Drinking water is for rehydration and not for nutritional supplements. It is not the effective way to get the nutritional minerals for the body. You may obtain the essential minerals from fruits and vegetables.

Rather than taking mineral water, drinking reverse osmosis water is a better way to rehydrate your body without exposing yourself to consuming heavy metals.

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Coway Water Purifier/Water Filter

Tap water is not as clean as we expect. It may be contaminated during the delivery to our home. The contaminants can be from pipe leakage, pipe repair works or pipe corrosion.

One way to clean the water is to use water purifier/water filter. Nowadays, the most reliable brand is Coway Water Purifier/Water Filter from South Korea.

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Will - A Financial Planning Tool

A will is a financial planning tool. You can distribute your estate to your loved one after your death. Nothing to worry about writing one as it is to the benefits of your loved one. Without a will, it will cause chaos among the beneficiaries.

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Will writing

Will writing is a craft that need to be trained and developed.

In history there are some infamous cases on dispute over estate distribution. You will be surprised ti find that most of the disputes were due to defects in the will.

It is quite risky for one to draft a will himself based on ready made will format. It is advisable to consult a qualified lawyer to do a will for you.

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