Monday, November 12, 2012

Fine on Bird Nest Industrialist?

According to a source from Beijing, foreigners who bring in bird nest to China without former documentation will be fined RMB5,000. This new regulation has been officially stipulated in a custom procedure and took effect from 1 November 2012.

The regulation has been in place for quite some time but without official document. Thus , it deterred the custom to implement the regulation effectively. Now with the formal custom procedure, the custom can conduct its duty more effectively.

Does this new development affect the bird nest industrialists in Malaysia?

It is reported that it affects only  those bird nest industrialists who export the bird nest to Hong Kong. The reason being the source of “illegal” bird nest is Hong Kong.

While Malaysian Government is formalizing the procedure on the export of cleaned bird nest to China, the bird nest industrialists are confident that one day when the export procedures are established, they should be able to export bird nests by formal way to China. They still hope that that moment is in the near future, hopefully before the Chinese New Year.

In the meantime, the bird nest industrialists keep stock of the bird nests.

The future of bird nests is definitely bright bearing in mind that this rare nature product is in demand in China but cannot be found in China.

Hopefully, the Malaysian Government and bird nest industrialists could work together hand in hand to overcome any obstacle in the export of bird nests to China.

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